Thursday, October 30, 2014

Overcoming your fears

Are there things you are scared of doing because you have a fear of failing?

One of my fears is playing tennis in front of others.
If invited for lunch and tennis I spend the time leading up to it trying to devise ways of getting out of it.
I would love to be able to play without this fear .
I have decided to tackle it by asking a friend to play with me.

What are your fears? I encourage you to think of small ways you can tackle them and overcome them.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wardrobe essentials

If I had to choose a few essentials in my wardrobe to take me through spring,  these would be my favourites.

The trench is a great coat for this time of year to layer for some extra warmth.

A pair of skinny dark denim jeans... 

A classic navy jacket and white jeans.

Add to these a black , white and Breton three quarter sleeve T.shirt.

A pale blue chambray shirt  and white shirt

A grey v neck cashmere jumper for cooler days and evenings

Add a classic black dress for evening 

These classics will take me everywhere.
What are the classic pieces you can't live without?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Style queens

During a recent discussion with my daughter on style and fashion and who inspires us, she declared I really should find some younger role models. Interestingly, the women I find most inspirational are definitely on the mature side. 

When we are younger we are thrown to and fro with the latest trends and don't know ourselves well enough to stay with what suits our body shape and our personality. As we mature, our confidence grows and we dress in a style which is distinctly and uniquely our own.

Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, wears the sheath dress in many different colours and patterns. She layers it in winter with furs, cardigans and coats and always wears her delicious semi precious stone necklaces. Her make up is natural and her bobbed hair is always perfect. 

Carolina Herrera is a woman of style.

Carolina's signature look is based on a crisp shirt often worn with pants and strong, statement jewellery..

Linda Rodin has a more avante garde and eclectic range of fashion yet carries it off exceptionally well with strong red lips, heavy rimmed glasses and her long grey tresses pulled up elegantly.

To quote Anna….

Who inspires you...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Benefits of being an early riser

Two weeks ago I returned from holidays having made a decision to get up at 5 am every weekday.
These are things I have discovered through my trial.
1. I have time to fit in the important things to me which otherwise get crowded out of my day, eg. Prayer and bible study, planning my day, exercise and eating a healthy breakfast.
2. I am accomplishing so much more and my days are so much more productive.
3. I feel energised and whole and as though I finally have time to do all things I want to do at my own pace without guilt of not being able to accomplish in a day all I would like to. 
4. It is incredibly liberating
5. I am exercising more ( something that has never come easily for me and always been a battle)
6. My house is more organised 
7. I have time for family, friends and for myself. 

I only wish I had discovered the secrets of rising early many years ago.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What to wear on a plane

While we all are not as stylish as Audrey on our travels, it has occurred to me recently, how far our standards have slipped.

Once upon a time people dressed up to travel on a plane and it was quite an occasion. On a recent international flight I took some time to work out the perfect outfit for plane travel. The balance of comfort and style.

Here are my tips to arriving looking fresh and stylish while still being as comfortable as possible on a long flight.

1. Black leggings in quality fabric.
Leggings are comfortable to sleep in and quite versatile for most climates. Choose a pair that look more like a skinny leg pant in a good weight fabric to hide a few flaws. Zara and J Crew have a few options.

2 Wear a long loose fitting  T-Shirt in a natural breathable fabric

3. Carry a fine knit wool or cashmere jumper in your carry on bag

4. A pashmina or scarf to dress up your outfit on arrival and double as an extra layer for warmth

5. Slip on comfortable shoes.

5. Finish with a light weight trench coat for a tailored arrival.

6. A smart carry on bag with zip-top  can be stored under the seat and carry all those things you may need on the flight. The Longchamp La Pilage is perfect or like Audrey, the LV Speedy.

An example of my travelling outfit which can take me from a cold climate to a warm destination and back.