Saturday, July 31, 2010

Set the scene

Setting the scene for entertaining is so important. A blazing fire on a cold night, candlelight, lovely fragrance coming from the kitchen , a beautifully set table with crisp linen and fresh flowers.
Tonight we have family coming for dinner and tomorrow friends will be added to our family gathering. I know I should be focussing on the food but my thoughts always seem to go towards decorating the table first. A few ideas for inspiration... I think number one is my favourite. What do you think? Enjoy your Saturday!
via lonny mag, brabourne farm and made by girl

Friday, July 30, 2010

What a night!

A few happy snaps of our guests from our web launch party last night. I feel incredible relief and excitment to have it up and running. We had an overwhelming number of people come along last night and we would like to thank you again for your support. We are very excited about the new direction for Cottle House and believe we will be able to offer our customers so much more. Have a lovely weekend, I am really looking forward to mine.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wings, Navy and Italy

I love blogging! Just when I think I can't possibly find more beautiful ideas my sceptisicm is banished by gorgeous new images to be inspired by. This stunning hotel, JK Place in Florence is to die for! So much smarter than the standard, boring tub chairs, wing chairs have been used in their place. It is more like a lovely sitting room than a restaurant.
JK Capri is just as stunning with interiors given the domesticated elegance of a home as oppossed to a commercial enterprise.

How's this for a view??? For a decorating adrenalin hit see Erin Gate's stunning post at Elements of Style blog for more fab photo's. Who needs wings when we have blogs? It's almost as good as being there.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wicker for all seasons

Perhaps it's because it is so cold here that I find this beautiful room by Stuart Membery so appealing. The organised clutter of wicker, agave plants, boats and books reminds me of a beautiful Carribean interior. India Hicks would look very at home in this room!

We have a great stash of wicker trunks like these at Cottle House at the moment.

In my opinion, wicker goes any where. It adds texture and interest and relaxes a room that could look too formal.

This beautiful bedroom in Cote Oest magazine, with winged bedhead, cosy soft furnishings, white painted floorboards and sisal rug provide the perfect mix of contrasts. The silver painted bedside tray table adds an unexpected touch.
images by; habitually chic ,marley and lockyer and linen and lavender

Monday, July 19, 2010


Having just returned from the Decoration and design fair in Melbourne I am feeling very inspired by all the lovely new products I have seen. One of my favourite displays was on Tigger Hall's stand where she displayed a stunning range of beautiful imported fabrics. Tartan prints on beautiful linen and wool base cloths in stunning colour combinations were a stand out. Very Ralph Lauren!

This fabric was shown on the Perfect pieces stand on beautiful oak dining and carver chairs. I am currently renovating a little cottage on our property and am looking forward to finding a spot for these gorgeous fabrics. Thank you Tigger, for bringing these lovely ranges to our shores.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winged furniture

From the moment I saw this winged bedhead in Nancy Meyers movie "The holiday" I have wanted one. The classic style decorating in Amanda's house is definitely up there on my list of favourite interiors.

The sitting room with a combination of charcoal and white is a stunning room. The dark curtains and throw rugs thrown over the arms of the wing chairs ensure impact.

I'm not sure why I love wing chairs so much, I never seem to tire of them . I have spent over 20 years searching for the perfect one. Proportion and comfort do not always go hand in hand.
After a busy few days in Melbourne at Decoration and design I have returned bubbling with new ideas. I have been dreaming of beautiful Belgium linens, feather filled upholstery and finding the perfect wing. I think I'm getting closer...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hurricane lamps are my all time favourite. I have many in my living room and love the glow they give to a room. I immediately relax when I dim the lights and light my candles.

Try mixing all shapes and sizes together for great effect.

I love this fire place by Ralph Lauren, although,I have to say the fire hazard of this kind of abundant and unprotected flame is a bit on the scary side.

If you don't own candlesticks or hurricanes, try being inventive with some glass bottles. Even pretty glasses with tealights can look great. In my shop, Cottle House we have loads of candles and candleholders. New arrivals of scented candles from Glasshouse have just been unpacked.

Images via flamant, french country, Ralph Lauren, remodellista

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Contemporize with Geometrics

I find it so interesting that a simple geometric cushion or rug, can change a room from traditional classic to contemporary. Or from bland to cleverly designed. With so many new geometric patterns around at the moment why not play with some pattern? Start with some cushions and as you become more adventurous add larger areas in rugs or wallpaper.
images via David Hicks, brown design and all the best.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Curtain couture

More great ways to turn curtains from just covering the window into a fashion statement. The use of geometrics in this room is so clever. Steven Gambrel finds the perfect balance with a patterned rug, striped chairs with stunning cushions to accent, all topped off with these beautifully detailed curtains. Image via Elle decor.

Taupe and white curtains shown here drape softly on the floor. The heading is padded to give a voluminous effect while the contrasting band of taupe really makes these curtains a work of art.

Curtains by Alessandra home interiors via Belgium pearls.
Now off to work armed with new inspiration for the week. Happy decorating! Sally-Annx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Over the border

To dress up plain curtains, braids and fabric borders can be added. These curtains by Chrissie Jeffreys for a child's bedroom have five rows of various braids added to dress what appear to be very simple cotton duck curtains. Chrissie has always been known for creating couture window furnishings.

Designer Samantha Pynn's lovely curtains appear to have navy stripes sewn onto plain curtains for a striking contrast.

Notice these lovely orange curtains have a ric rac line then a cream border across the base. Try experimenting new ways of adding detail to curtains without using patterned fabrics. Have a relaxing weekend. Sally-Annx

Thursday, July 8, 2010


via brabourne farm

via delight by design

via wicker and stitch

Don't underestimate everyday items around you that can be added to a room as a decorative touch. Whether collected and placed in a vase, wound around an ugly or outdated light fitting or made into furniture, the twig can be a lovely winter, decorative feature.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just because they are little doesn't mean they can't sleep in style. This nursery is so classic and flows beautifully from a house decorated in neutral tones. Grown up furniture and a beautifully upholstered chair means a nursery need not be outdated as your little darling grows. A lovely alternative for those who don't know the sex of their baby. Colour can be added later as your child's personality develops.

Consider the cot a piece of furniture and decorate accordingly in lovely fabrics according to girls or boys.

I have recently been discussing nurseries with some lovely pregnant clients in my shop and thought I'd show some of these nurseries in my files .
1st image via absolutely beautiful things, other sources unknown.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Stop, it's red!

To update a simple all white country kitchen, add red. By painting old kitchen chairs a glossy bright red and adding some pretty new coordinating curtains, this kitchen looks fresh and inviting.

New toile by Manuel Canovas. I have always been a toile fan and I can't decide whether blue or red is my favourite. I love toile used 'en masse'. Cover upholstery, walls, curtains and even beds to create a stunning french style interior.

Update a tired bathroom with a new shower curtain in a lovely bright red stripe and fresh new towels for a quick transformation. image by Elle decor

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Throw on a rug

A lovely room combining a mix of textures and geometrics, even on the carpet. The neutral palette keeps the room sophisticated and elegant. Throws can be placed conveniently over arms of chairs or on the end of day beds for easy reach. Just seeing them in a room can immediately relax the look.

Beautiful Bemboka angora throws, so warm and snug. The ultimate in luxurious comfort. Available at Cottle House

I just can't seem to warm up today, so thought I'd post some lovely snuggly throws.
images via unknown, greige, bemboka, remodellista and lonnymag

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Add some stripes

What a great way to add creative interest to a neutral palette and all white walls! Stripes can change a classic interior and add that something extra. I must keep the paint brushes away as I may be tempted to attack a few of my own walls this weekend and painting is not one of my skills. This lovely room above is by my favourite Belgium designers Flamant.

Love these neutrals mixed with oak timbers, via a paddington perspective. Just discovered this lovely blog today.

Another new blog find, wicker and stitch, I feel could become a favourite. Thought a few stripes were in keeping with an American holiday. Happy 4th of July. Sally-Annx

Friday, July 2, 2010

Snuggle up

Furs are a great way to add warmth to any room. There are a huge range of faux and the real thing available. My favourite wicker chairs are shown here with real furs thrown over the backs.
Maison Cote Est
We have a similar rabbit fur in our front window at Cottle House.
via this is glamorous

Furs on the end of beds add luxe and warmth to a cool setting.
House and Garden via Brabourne Farm

Sandra Morgan

A great way to snuggle up on these chilly winter evenings and stay warm. Choose your favourite movie make a hot chocolate and enjoy! Have a lovely weekend. Sally-Annx