Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winged furniture

From the moment I saw this winged bedhead in Nancy Meyers movie "The holiday" I have wanted one. The classic style decorating in Amanda's house is definitely up there on my list of favourite interiors.

The sitting room with a combination of charcoal and white is a stunning room. The dark curtains and throw rugs thrown over the arms of the wing chairs ensure impact.

I'm not sure why I love wing chairs so much, I never seem to tire of them . I have spent over 20 years searching for the perfect one. Proportion and comfort do not always go hand in hand.
After a busy few days in Melbourne at Decoration and design I have returned bubbling with new ideas. I have been dreaming of beautiful Belgium linens, feather filled upholstery and finding the perfect wing. I think I'm getting closer...

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  1. I also fell in love with that winged bed head. So much so I had my work room make me one for my master bedroom.