Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wicker for all seasons

Perhaps it's because it is so cold here that I find this beautiful room by Stuart Membery so appealing. The organised clutter of wicker, agave plants, boats and books reminds me of a beautiful Carribean interior. India Hicks would look very at home in this room!

We have a great stash of wicker trunks like these at Cottle House at the moment.

In my opinion, wicker goes any where. It adds texture and interest and relaxes a room that could look too formal.

This beautiful bedroom in Cote Oest magazine, with winged bedhead, cosy soft furnishings, white painted floorboards and sisal rug provide the perfect mix of contrasts. The silver painted bedside tray table adds an unexpected touch.
images by; habitually chic ,marley and lockyer and linen and lavender

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  1. My first thought was that the first image was of India Hicks' home!!! Yes, totally agree - she would be very at home. Beautiful images x