Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organising the bedroom

Ever dreamed of a beautifully organised wardrobe? I have, and am tackling this job right now having been inspired by the latest Lonny mag issue, full of great advice.

Step 1. select every thing I no longer wear, suits me, fits me properly or is just not me. Put it in two bags. One to go directly to charity the second is for things I am not sure about. After 12 months if I have not used them I will dispose of then.
Step 2 pull out everything that needs mending altering, special cleaning.
Step 3 put away all winter coats and bulky items in vacuum bags until I need them again.
Step 4. I have just bought some fabulous drawer dividers for all my scarves, belts and smalls to help keep things in check and ensure I can find them in a flash.
Step 5. I have also found lovely clear plastic shoe boxes from Aldi and will throw out all my old shoe boxes and replace with these so I can actually see them.

Now that should keep me busy.....


  1. Hi Sally - I had no idea that you could get the clear shoe boxes from Aldi - they certainly sell everything!!

  2. Oh you are a good girl Sally!!! I'm green with envy at the prospect of a well organised wardrobe but alas, I have the smallest cupboard you've ever seen and no matter what I do, it always looks messy and crazy! x

  3. I have just tagged you for an award on my blog... hope that's ok! You may have received it already but I think you deserve it for your gorgeous blog... gxo

  4. By coincidence, I come to your blog and it speaks directly to me!
    I'll follow you!

    Greetings, Helena