Monday, May 6, 2013

I have nothing to wear!

We've all been through the tired dilemma of "I have nothing to wear".  After years of fairly scrupulous seasonal wardrobe cullings I decided a more drastic approach was needed to my wardrobe. To have a wardrobe of key pieces, all in good condition, I can mix and match with ease and speed was my aim. 

I had been inspired by the idea of a capsule wardrobe which would include all the key pieces I need in an average week to reduce the clutter and make my choices simpler. To create a uniform which is uniquely me. 

Here's a guide to how I set about creating my own capsule wardrobe.

10 Steps to a capsule wardrobe

 1. Remove everything from your wardrobe and put it on your bed, I mean, everything!

 2. Separate sessional clothing and deal only with what is suitable for the current season.

 3. Separate into formal, work and casual . You may want to add an exercise pile.

 4. Ask the following questions;
  • Which  items do I wear all the time?  
  • Do these items flatter me  both in colour and shape?
  • Do they suit my personality and age?

You may want to ask a friend or daughter for help with these decisions.

 5. If you have answered yes, hang them up. Then ask yourself;
  •  Are these items in good condition? 
  • If yes, leave them there, if no, leave them until you have found a suitable replacement

 6. Look at everything on the bed which is good quality and  suits you in style and colour yet you may never wear. Perhaps you consider them too good to wear and are saving them for a special occasion. 
 Hang them up and start using them.  If you still can't use them over the next season, get rid of them.

 7. Are there items you could now remove which you wear all the time yet should have been ditched some time ago due to their condition? Remove them now.

 8. Group like with like: i.e. all your trousers together, skirts together etc. Also group by colour.

 9. Hang formal clothes at one end and also coats and outerwear.

10. You should now have a condensed wardrobe which makes your life easier. Be sure to pack  all your off season clothes away safely. Take all discarded items to a charity store or give away to a friend who they may suit better

Your new capsule wardrobe should consist of all your essentials. It will make buying new clothes so much easier as you will have a greater sense of your own style and know exactly what is needed to fill in the gaps.

You will be able to walk confidently out the door each day knowing you are wearing the best you have for the appropriate occasions.

Once we define our own style we shouldn't be afraid to stick with it, experiment with accessories and refine it. Let's try to wear the best things we own and enjoy them rather than saving them for later.

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  1. So many great ideas - I try to stick to key pieces and to jazz them up each year add "in season" or "on trend" accessories :)