Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Washing day

After a busy weekend with family and friends home for the long weekend, the idea of a beautiful, well designed, laundry holds great appeal. If only mine looked like this right now.....
images via Villa Anna


  1. How lovely...makes laundry fun!!

  2. Sally-Ann, I'm so with you! I have never had a decent laundry and it's something I crave... I'm a little obsessed with washing anyway so the very idea of a beautifully designed space in which to spray Preen, fills my heart with joy! x

  3. Hey Sally-Ann,
    Thanks for your kind words on the House of Turquoise post on our Amagansett project...After seeing your comments, we came to check out your blog, and we noticed a funny coincidence: The second and third photos of the laundry rooms in this post were designed by the same company that we worked with on that Amagansett project!

    It's a company called Hampton Design - Kitchens & Baths (http://www.hamptondesign.com). We first got to know them at the 2006 Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Idea House (http://www.hcandg.com/ideahouse/2006): We were the design directors of the project, and Hampton Design designed the stunning laundry room there (that's where those photos are from). We then collaborated with them on the kitchen and bathrooms in the Amagansett project.

    Small world! Anyway, we just thought you might like to know that :) We're glad we checked out your blog, it's great!

    Austin & Jennifer