Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspirational flowers

I am so thrilled a friend introduced me to a new book by Saskia Havekes called Grandiflora celebrations. Saskia owns the fabulous florist Grandiflora in Sydney and in her words, "specializes in creating bespoke arrangements and floral installations for memorable events in Australia and overseas". Just the inspiration I need for planning a wedding. Available at all good book stores or contact, Grandiflora.


  1. What incredible arrangements! I love the ones cascading from the ceiling, very pretty :)

  2. WOW!! Look at that "flower curtain" hanging from the tree!! Ooooo to have my wedding over and over and over again!! Annie xo

  3. Fabulous arrangements!
    Love wedding decor, I saw and searched a lot for my daughter's wedding, in 2010.
    That flower curtain is wonderful, I'd love to see this before Fernanda`s wedding.

  4. I really like your blog:) Great pics and som much inspration...I wish you a lovely week
    LOVE Maria at

  5. Where are you? I keep checking, but no recent blogs, hope you ok..know that your life probably is hectic, but it would be nice to see another blog and also to know where you are in Australia, my son and daughter in law live in Perth with my latest grandson.. all the best J