Friday, April 19, 2013

A country wedding / A new life

I am not quite sure how to explain the major life changes I have undergone over the past 12 months.
My husband and I took 10 weeks off to travel to Europe to make some big decisions about our future and returned to Australia to proceed with closing our retail interior/furniture store. It was a huge decision and really quite scary and yet I am happy to say it has been the best decision

I then spent the past 5 months planning a wedding at home for my daughter. Against all warnings from a few experienced local ladies who tried to suggest we go else where we decided to have a marquee in our garden at home. It was a mammoth task and I am now incredibly relieved to have it all behind us.

A few kind readers have asked if I would return to blogging and on a wet and very early wintery day I decided it was just the day to begin.

I would love to know if you are still following, so please leave a comment.

Sally-Ann x


  1. Still following and have seen some other beautiful pictures of the wedding from my neighbour :-) Gorgeous wedding. Keep blogging, there is always beauty to find on your blog. Bushbelles

  2. you have been missed!
    congrats all the way from st. Louis, usa.

  3. Oh yes we've missed you... come along and blog again, and we shall all meet up again... that wedding looked fabulous and I'm sure your girl was really proud of all your efforts.. well done you all^^^^^ Its actually been two days of sunshine over here, I know in Aussie land its been really hot as my son lives with his wife and family in Perth, but I hope it was cool enough at the wedding, to be able to enjoy without getting heatstroke!! Welcome back, I will visit again soon to have another chat!!! janzi

  4. Im so glad to see you back!! Will log on more oftern now - Andrew and I are having a baby too!! I wish Cottle House was still open for some lovely baby things!!