Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Visual order

As a decorator having spent many years pondering colors, fabrics, furnishings
and interiors, I am completely obsessed with creating visual order and peace in my home. My conclusion has been that mere decorating and design are not enough and it must go further if we are to find that deeper sense of rest and calm.

When I told my mother I had just colour cordininated my husbands polo shirts and  jumpers her response was  " you really need to get a life". Despite this, I am convinced I am onto something intrinsically important.

To condense one's belongings, or edit them in such a way and then display them beautifully is an art form in itself. Whether it be the pleasure of selecting a particular cashmere jumper from your drawer beautifully folded or the right cooking implements I believe it is a much overlooked area of design. Paying attention to the items we choose to wear or use can either be a pleasure or a chore. 

You be the judge. Am I going mad or am I onto something important?


  1. I try to arrange our clothes here Sally-Ann but it only last about a week - the colours all get mixed up in the end BUT I do agree that being this tidy is an artform! Annie xo

  2. I think that this is an awesome idea and that you are onto something good. It might be a bit ocd but it looks so much better. I love the neat look.

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